Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny is a producer of custom made E-Juices. E-Juice is the signature flavored liquid that is loaded into the cartridges of electronic cigarettes, or E-Cigs. This liquid is heated into a vapor which is breathed in when smoking an E-Cig. The wide variety of potential flavors are one of the most popular aspects of electronic cigarettes, drawing a great deal of interest from vapers, who like to pick and choose their preferred brand and flavor. There are many different brands that produce their own signature flavors, mixing and matching to create complex and subtle tastes for the user to enjoy.

The owner originally began mixing her own blends as a way to help her husband quite smoking traditional cigarettes because of the financial cost and health risks. Eventually she began making her brands available in the public market.

Suicide Bunny is considered a premium E-juice producer and their product is marked up for high quality. A normal 30 milliter Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk container costs about $22 per bottle and comes in a convenient glass dripper. These containers are decorated with distinctive, eye catching bottle art, reminiscent of a tattoo shop window. The juices they produce are often strongly colored with a very thick viscosity.

In terms of taste, all Suicide Bunny EJuices tend to lean more towards a sweet desert mix, ranging from light and creamy to thick and sweet.

Derailed - On the initial inhale, Derailed tastes like snickerdoodle cookies with hints of cinnamon. On the exhale the snickerdoodle taste diminishes and is replaced with cinnamon and a strong banana taste. The banana here is fresh and fruity. Crisp and clean.

Sucker Punch - Cream based with hints of fruit(kiwi vanilla custard). Gently blended, melon, kiwi and other fruits. Combination of creamy and fruity. Sharp and smooth.

The O.B - Also known as the Original Bunny, a “secret blend.” The taste is of sweet but lightly flavored cream or cake. It’s not too sweet, like frosting which often is too rich and heavy for casual use.. Crisp, clean, smooth.

Madrina - Cream base with melon. Fruitier than Sucker Punch with honey dew melon strongly present. Even on the inhale and exhale in terms of taste.

Mother’s Milk - Undoubtedly the most well know brand available from Suicide Bunny. Flavor strongly reminiscent of Strawberry Milk with a cream that is smooth rather than sweet or buttery. Draws you back to childhood with a taste that invokes powdered Nestle Quick strawberry milk.